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January 20, 2009


Wonderfully written but incorrect. Blame cannot be laid on the feet of Bush for the many failures of the Republican Party! He warned Congress of impending doom over the loose lending. He kept our Army strong and helped defend each citizens right to bear arms. While Republican Congressmen and Senators were compiling the the most scurrilous criminal record in modern American history for graft, corruption, greed and avarice, Bush kept us safe. While the radical left was working to destroy traditional family marriage Mr. Bush was helping feed, educate and train millions of Africans in Africa so they could provide for their own families in Africa. The list could go on and on. Please don't sycophant that favorite leftie dirge that all is sick in America in any degree solely because not all is right with America. Obama's tyranny from the left will soon be felt and if we Conservatives band together now and forgo our traditional bickering, form a New Contract with America balanced on conservative freedom we will have the opportunity to give the lefties as big a spanking as we did to Carter and the Congress under Clinton.

Good column, Frank!

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