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April 01, 2008


Couldn't disagree more. McClintock is the kind of leader we need in D.C. No need to support other phony Republicans with cash they don't need. He has better things to do, like fight the good fight.

Go Tom.

I agree with BookWorm--Frank's all upset because Tom doesn't give a bunch of money to the typically weak candidates the CA GOP promotes? I think that that just speaks well of Tom's judgement. Besides, who says Tom's sitting on a whole bunch of money to throw around?

First, when a legislator fights a battle, like Senator McClintock did on reducing the car tax, which results in savings of over $30 billion it is difficult to see how that is "ineffective." The average California family now saves over $400 per year on their vehicle registrations because of the Senator's efforts. Perhaps Frank, you should add up your vehicle registrations for this year, triple them and see if those savings are enough to earn Senator McClintock a vote!

And as to Senator McClintock helping conservatives, we all know that he is the single most sought after endorsement in California these days in primaries, because principles trump money as we are all about to witness in the 4th CD.

Frank you must also remember that Senator McClintock is a quick learner: He used to move a lot of money around under the direction of "smart" people that you must look up to... In fact one of my primary opponents was sent $10,000 by then Assemblyman McClintock as part of hundreds of thousands sent to stop ME because I was too conservative for the 3rd CD in 1986! Turned out to be a total waste of precious resources since the Democrats nominated a ProLife Colusa County Supervisor who tried to run to our right that year.

So no Frank, Tom does not throw a lot of money around, he just works hard to make sure solid conservatives get elected with is why all of the Senator and Assembly members serving in the 4th CD have endorsed him in this race!


What has Doug Ose ever accomplished? He was a Republican Congressman during a rare period when we had a Republican Senate and a Republican President. Yet he accomplished nothing!

(OK, I admit that Ose helped keep the mohair subsidies, but that just isn't enough to get most Republicans excited about the idea of returning him to Congress.)

With all due respect to Frank Schubert, it is crazy to think that Doug Ose is the kind of guy who can get things done. His record proves just the opposite.

By contrast, Tom McClintock has a very long list of accomplishments -- not lease of which is the way that his campaign for Governor forced Arnold Schwarzenegger to address conservative issues.

I think McClintock is the greatest conservative we have out there, and I just wish he could make it into the Governer's seat soon, and then on to the White House.. I'd support him all the way.. Go Tom!! We need you!

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