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February 18, 2008


I love it - a "tree mitigation fee" per diameter inch to help out your city's general fund. So if a tree had a two foot diameter trunk, you would have to pay $2400 to the city? For your own tree, the you own, on your own property?


I totally agree there is a lack of enthusiasm among Republicans voters, but I don't think it's because of a hangover. The party is having a full blown identity crisis. The party has drifted away from that which traditionally defined Republicans. They've become so obsessed with their version of "family values" that they've lost site of their own values -- small government, free markets, personal responsibility, meritocracy. Those Republican values are still appealing to a lot of voters, but the party needs to return to those values and then allow leaders to emerge who can communicate about those values in an inspirational way. I think the party will continue to struggle as long as its perceived as the "anti-(fill in the blank)" party rather than the party who is for something. You said it yourself -- the only thing that will energize the Republicans is Hillary as the nominee. So, their success in November hinges on being the "anti-Hillary" party. Very sad, I think.

That strange sucking sound you hear is 8 years of a Party losing its moral center. Power corrupted once again, and the inability to articulate any reasonable solutions to fairly visible domestic (economic) issues eluded all the cognoscenti in think tanks near and far. If you approach governance as a game, you ultimately lose.

SoCalPol -- Say more about the moral center of the Republican party. You mentioned that in a previous post, and I wasn't sure what that meant. How would you describe it?

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