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February 04, 2008


Finally someone said out loud what I've been thinking about Rudy G. ~ 1) he would have been a great choice and 2) what was he thinking in his strategy. Very disappointing. Keep up the great rants!

There were enough interests opposed to ABx1 1 that it was relatively easy to kill. It is one of the rare moments when the right policy result actually happened. Don't think, however, that this is a testament to new found statesmanship in the Senate. It was just last year that the greenhouse gas emissions bill was sent to the Governor - and signed - at the last minute and with the typical stealth that attends the big deals. ABx1 1 is still an exception from a process standpoint.

Speaking of a botched nominating process, think of the run of Gov. Mike Huckabee, whose ability to siphon off 15% of the Republican base will assure that Sen. John McCain gets the nomination. There are worse outcomes to be sure, but this is not the 2000 edition of McCain that captured the imagination of the country. He is, as a candidate, worse for wear and his tag team with Huckabee has displayed the worst case scenario for Republicans. The Party has lost its moral center even while the Democrats are finding theirs. Expediency has eroded ethics, power has corrupted, and we expend resources delivering targeted rather than transcendent messages.

Get ready for a rough 4 years, regardless.

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